Vintage goods.

It is pretty amazing how easy, even small, articles can bring back memories from the past. I had learn that there is no item too small, worn, or unimportant that has no place in someone’s heart. People from around the world had commented on their purchase and verbalized their surprise when they had seen a doll, lamp, box, that woke up their emotions. This is my driving force,  to be able to find another happy customer that was taken back into that happy moment.

I have a story of a cat’s box, very nicely bedazzled  and topped with a sleeping cat. It was a beautiful decoration but at the end it was a perfect final resting place for the beloved family cat.

Second one was a vintage music box, record player that made a grown woman sparkle with a childish happiness of a young girl.

Did you came  across an item that had similar effect on you? Are you searching for something that you had thought is lost forever?


1950s Chatty Cathy doll.



1800s porcelain covered vegetable porcelain dish.


What did I got myself into!

Got rid of boredom and replaced it with a huge headache, as painful as, it sounds it is actually a lot of fun. I feel like a first grader that feels as a teacher is speaking in foreign language. Business terminology and navigation can be a real pain, however, I am determined not to give up without a fight.

My first goal is to reach as many of you as I can to share the straggle, happiness, and victory in my store site development.

My hope is to consider this blog as an interactive journal for all of us. Of Course, I had to admit first that I am not perfect, have my own fears of being scrutinized, off key, etc. I am not a perfect writer or speller but that is what was keeping me from reaching out for help, advice, SOME criticism ( I do have a heart). On that note, I can begin.

New Year’s resolution came early, I had not realized that orchestrating the release of web store by the end of the year or beginning of the New Year could happen, as it did. Being too busy for any other 2016 resolution that had to be my success story. Since, I had already accomplished that I could start 2017 with a big bung. Hurray! This is the moment that I give recognition to the chocolates, Holiday food, and 8 spoons of sugar in my coffee for keeping me alive during that period. Lesson: If you want to accomplish your goals just do it and you might laugh about it later ( unfortunately I am not there yet, so STOP). is 2 weeks old, a lot of work and some success. I am still working on web development and getting the word out. IT IS SO HARD!!!. Really no surprise here but like some of us, don’t lie, I would take a 1/10000 th of Cinderella story and get amazing results in a speed of light. So, that brings me to highs and lows. This emotional rollercoaster is what is difficult as it takes a lot to get yourself going if your plans have not met your expectations. Note to self: small goals achieved is a good thing.

I treasure my stores and don’t want to regret my decision but I wonder if it is only me running through those emotions and willing to open up, share.  It would be really sad, though.

My motto: like honesty, pride, cherish friendship, hard work and don’t like as.h.les, and cheaters.

I will try to post at least once a week but will try to respond to your questions, opinions, as soon as, I can.