Vintage goods.

It is pretty amazing how easy, even small, articles can bring back memories from the past. I had learn that there is no item too small, worn, or unimportant that has no place in someone’s heart. People from around the world had commented on their purchase and verbalized their surprise when they had seen a doll, lamp, box, that woke up their emotions. This is my driving force,  to be able to find another happy customer that was taken back into that happy moment.

I have a story of a cat’s box, very nicely bedazzled  and topped with a sleeping cat. It was a beautiful decoration but at the end it was a perfect final resting place for the beloved family cat.

Second one was a vintage music box, record player that made a grown woman sparkle with a childish happiness of a young girl.

Did you came  across an item that had similar effect on you? Are you searching for something that you had thought is lost forever?


1950s Chatty Cathy doll.



1800s porcelain covered vegetable porcelain dish.


2 thoughts on “Vintage goods.

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  2. Very nice article thank you for sharing I do know how is it to find that one items from a childhood and it’s bring nice memories. Good luck in developing your stores all the best in 2016 .


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