Wow, change of plans.

So, I am going to increase my writing and engaging in conversation skills. I had sign up for the commenting boot camp and it seem to be a promising improvement to my current skills. New knowledge should help me to plan my blogging better, as well.

Previously I had planned on frequent entries to my blog in relation to my store whereabouts. I was not sure about my posts and at the end had not made any new entries which led to no new developments and information. Some determine visitors came back but I was not giving them reason to come back.

I am hoping that this boot camp is going to make me feel better and confident about my readiness to share my postings. The main idea is that I want to find you and cannot expect you to find me without any directions.

In regards to my store, it is almost 3 mo old and I am still learning about the ways to spread the world of its existence. Have some victories in increased traffic and still staying patient in watching its development.


Ideal Doll 1962. SOLD


Vintage McDonalds toy.

Feeling blessed by the ability to do what I love, as well as, empowered by new ideas, wisdom from what I had read and learned in the process.



Vintage Renaissance man entryway stand in woodgrain like pattern.


Etched crystal elephant with calf stand.




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