I am writing this post to stay true to my commitment of posting on my site developments. Really I wanted to write but couldn’t find a reason to sit down and do so, and this reminder worked.

My store is looking much better and amazingly I had learn other tricks to improve it’s appearance. Technical support at Volusion is great and don’t make me feel like a complete “idiot”. Thanks God because it gives me the motivation to keep on going with finding those little glitches that are so annoying but, from my lack of  computer skills, I place them on to do list.

It literally took few minutes with a technician to make my Likethatbea portable app not to show items running into each other. Good lesson to the other store owners about asking questions and not cooking in our own despair. I had also fixed the shopping cart problem of floating onto my store name. This simple improvement had gotten me into a much better mood at the end of the day.

What is also great, I had made my first sale in my own independent store. YEA!!! Another surprise was that I had not linked my shipping services completely assuming that it was done automatically with registration.How could I know it? I am learning that if you get some app, service, etc you have to go over set up to the very end, no exception. Nevertheless, the sale makes me believe that maybe all those hours of trying to reach out had not went to waste. Little victories, like that, provide enough boost to keep me on going. I am very proud of the fact that no one will tell me anymore of how, when, and what I can list in my own place. I am still committed to provide best customer service and develop great relationships with my buyers and visitors.

My next task would be adding a blog to my storefront page and having some direct conversation with my customers. I had not place a date on that task completion but it is something that I want to do. At this time I am happy to blog on wordpress and anoox that provides me with a great escape and good reads after long hours of work.

I do want to thank to my sister, mom, daughter, and son for trying, selflessly, to get involved and get the word out about my store existance. Like many other businesses that are getting out of the ground, have a very limited advertising budget, I straggle in that department and appreciate all the help.

My immediate goals are still related to better set up of my front page arrangements. I will try to categorize the items in friendlier way as, I think, it might be little chaotic at this point. I  would love to hear your feedback in this matter and thank you in advance.

I go to bed feeling happy having great conversations on Easter with my family through Skype.





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