It is still Wednesday here.

I was looking at the Wednesday challenge and and couldn’t figure out what am I missing until I had a little memory flashback. I had realized that, even though, I embrace technology, enlightening, and development I would change technology. I would stop it, slow it, or turn it off, for a moment so it doesn’t affect a family  life so much (I am not sure if younger generation could survive such an atrocity). Sorry that I am not thinking globally but this seem important.

It is kind of weird to me when I look at, for example: family table, or lack of it, where everybody is glued to their phones, iPods, etc. Little babies exposed to the brightness of the computer screen or the loud noise from the headphones which makes me worry about their eyesight and hearing when they  become “seasoned” citizens. However, on the other side, my little voice tells me that when they grow up we will develop so many “spare parts” that it shouldn’t be my concern what so ever.

I remember the days when seeing an accident, event, or celebration was a prompt for action to help, interact, engage and not to take out the phone and record it first. Have you ever seen broadcast, clip, video recording that made you grin and think “Please help, why are you still taping” etc.

What are your thoughts?


It is writing, thought for a moment. I enjoy every moment of developments in my life.

I am not a writer and I hope that I had not made too many mistakes.



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