Sort through.

Sorting through that vast amount of possible purchases for my store is a very demanding task which requires a great amount of restrain, financial restrain that is. I always enjoy every minute of the hunt for item that catches my eye in the long line of contenders.

I use to take home as many items that I could but after a while it became not so practical. Too many items ended up stored without the ability to enjoy them. That is when I had decided to part with some of my finds and open up and Estore. Very fulfilling activity that provided a way of escaping daily “making the bread” routine.

So, I don’t buy impulsively as I learned that there is an enormous number of items that I like. I admit, I got the “vintage bug” and feel a little enchanted under its spell. Although, I know pretty quick if I like something or not, I take my time before deciding on the final purchase.

Last weekend I had completed the purchase of two dolls. There is no particular plan for them but I might save one for the family member. The dolls were a little local shop find, where they had continue to gather dust but in a timespan of few weeks they had grabbed my attention. I had gotten the tall one, 21″, earlier but was contemplating on the smaller doll for a while. She was moved from one shelf to another, face up or face down, dress open or closed and today the pity had won. I just couldn’t see her being flapped around anymore. You can see both of them in the pictures below.


This is one story of my rescue, although, there is no information about previous owners I do feel that they would be happy that the dolls had been saved.

What do you think? Where they worth saving or my “inner girl” had taken over and the dolls are Evil looking as per some of my friends believes?

This post came around on tmisseghers request to hear some stories about my collections.

Have a great day.


One thought on “Sort through.

  1. Your dolls don’t look evil to me. They look like porcelain dolls. I recently purchased a much larger porcelain doll from my girlfriend. She’s quite large, and looks very real, especially at a distance. My girlfriend’s daughter was uncomfortable with this doll too. I plan on sharing her with my dementia groups. They will appreciate her because of their age, because there was a time when collectable porcelain dolls were in vogue. If you’re happy with your dolls, I’m happy you’re happy. Enjoy!

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