Turbulence are consistent in my life.

Funny but that is the first word that came up to my mind in a response to the daily discussion topic of “What’s been consistent in your life?”. I had a brief moment of seeing Picasso’s paintings with little dots, lines, etc that he was introducing us through his art. Don’t know why this topic had made me jump to this area of comparison. Maybe it was my defence mechanism trying to say that turbulence don’t have to be that bad and can become a part of creating something amazing. (possible, sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader)

Although, having turbulence as a consistent part of my life can be a little alarming they had made me stronger, understanding, strong headed, and prepared for a battle ahead. Trust me, I did not want them, but they seem to come and mess up everything when I had least expect. I have a lot to be thankful for, plenty of people that help me get where I am at right now but, as time passed by, turbulence seem to had the same spite with no sign of lessening its punch.

Turbulence had showed me how to adjust, rebuild, and form new friendships that had helped to heal the scars. It is a pretty nice place that I had found myself in this days and I am thankful for every moment of it. The picture look pretty nice after all and I had made it myself.





4 thoughts on “Turbulence are consistent in my life.

  1. Turbulence….pause when you can in the mist of it…behold the calm of the eye of the storm and appreciate the strength it takes you to endure. Beautifully written, thoughts well penned!

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  2. Turbulence is an interesting word. But all words have interesting components when we attach emotion to them. I believe if you take the emotion out, the word changes and can mean something different; at least perspective wise. Your picture is wonderful. The horses appear to be connecting. We human connect too, only using words. That’s where semantics play with our minds if we let them, sometimes even ruffling our feathers. Have you ever wondered how it would be if we could only connect using our spirit voice? Would we, like the horse, grow closer to a silent peace —turbulence away —>

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    • Thank you and sorry for the late return, my “normal” life had me hostage for the last few days. Absence of words would be a great loss but, as humans, we had proven our incredible perseverance in getting what we need. I think that our spirit voice might be already guiding us in life. That might be why not everyone can get close to us. It might not even be a voice but the sensation through which we choose our friends, build relationships,etc.
      I am glad you had stopped by, thank you again.

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