Just Creatures.


Trust – wrong place and wrong time but then I love “The man of La Mancha”. I call it hopeless romantic with an incredible influence. At the end, no matter how broken you can be, it brings  hope and restores trust or just brings it up towards the daylight. I am lost in the words of the song.

Courtesy of Youtube, I would like to share it with you.

We are all unique but still just creatures that will trust and trust again. The only thing we need is time to heal the wounds.


Turbulence are consistent in my life.

Funny but that is the first word that came up to my mind in a response to the daily discussion topic of “What’s been consistent in your life?”. I had a brief moment of seeing Picasso’s paintings with little dots, lines, etc that he was introducing us through his art. Don’t know why this topic had made me jump to this area of comparison. Maybe it was my defence mechanism trying to say that turbulence don’t have to be that bad and can become a part of creating something amazing. (possible, sometimes you have to be your own cheerleader)

Although, having turbulence as a consistent part of my life can be a little alarming they had made me stronger, understanding, strong headed, and prepared for a battle ahead. Trust me, I did not want them, but they seem to come and mess up everything when I had least expect. I have a lot to be thankful for, plenty of people that help me get where I am at right now but, as time passed by, turbulence seem to had the same spite with no sign of lessening its punch.

Turbulence had showed me how to adjust, rebuild, and form new friendships that had helped to heal the scars. It is a pretty nice place that I had found myself in this days and I am thankful for every moment of it. The picture look pretty nice after all and I had made it myself.





Spring cleaning.

Stayed really busy lately. I had done a lot of work in last few weeks. It included cleaning around the home and getting new items ready for the store. After all that work I can finally sit down and enjoy Outdoors. My son had help me to clean around the house and I think we had spend at least 10 hours cleaning the front and the back garden. It looks really beautiful with the spring flowers blooming and the new green grass coming up.

I brought home few new items for the store and hope to have them ready in a week or so. My store is doing well with new customers making their purchases. It makes me very happy after all that hard work. My family continue to be very supportive and that really keeps me going. I don’t know what I would do without them.

I had gotten beautiful flowers from my children for Mother’s Day and spend time at the movie with my son. This was a great day and I truly enjoyed it. I hope you had a great Mother’s Day and I wanted to share my experience with you.

I feel blessed with what I got.




Sort through.

Sorting through that vast amount of possible purchases for my store is a very demanding task which requires a great amount of restrain, financial restrain that is. I always enjoy every minute of the hunt for item that catches my eye in the long line of contenders.

I use to take home as many items that I could but after a while it became not so practical. Too many items ended up stored without the ability to enjoy them. That is when I had decided to part with some of my finds and open up and Estore. Very fulfilling activity that provided a way of escaping daily “making the bread” routine.

So, I don’t buy impulsively as I learned that there is an enormous number of items that I like. I admit, I got the “vintage bug” and feel a little enchanted under its spell. Although, I know pretty quick if I like something or not, I take my time before deciding on the final purchase.

Last weekend I had completed the purchase of two dolls. There is no particular plan for them but I might save one for the family member. The dolls were a little local shop find, where they had continue to gather dust but in a timespan of few weeks they had grabbed my attention. I had gotten the tall one, 21″, earlier but was contemplating on the smaller doll for a while. She was moved from one shelf to another, face up or face down, dress open or closed and today the pity had won. I just couldn’t see her being flapped around anymore. You can see both of them in the pictures below.


This is one story of my rescue, although, there is no information about previous owners I do feel that they would be happy that the dolls had been saved.

What do you think? Where they worth saving or my “inner girl” had taken over and the dolls are Evil looking as per some of my friends believes?

This post came around on tmisseghers request to hear some stories about my collections.

Have a great day.

Fog – How to choose.

Sometimes getting up in the morning is really hard because right from the beginning you are faced with making choices about that moment’s outcome. This is the fog that you sort through that might determine of your early hours influence on the beginning of your day. We all have plans, problems, happy or unexpected events that had put as to sleep the night before with a smile, feeling of excitement, or in a river of tears. (It is hard to smile when you drown in tears but it has been done before and we can do it again.)

So, I let the fog set upon me at night, as I have no choice but face it sooner or later, and pick my fight. If my previous day had some hardship I choose one task that might make me happy in the upcoming day. Growing up made me wise and I can sort through the thickness of the fog to see a morning dew that will bring an amazing morning, at least.

From Brainy Quotes:

Yesterday is not ours to recover, but tomorrow is ours to win or lose. Lyndon B. Johnson
Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/topics/topic_positive.html


Beauty is in the eye of the beholder – Is she beautiful or Evil? how you choose your day from sorting through the FOG?

What did I got myself into!

Got rid of boredom and replaced it with a huge headache, as painful as, it sounds it is actually a lot of fun. I feel like a first grader that feels as a teacher is speaking in foreign language. Business terminology and navigation can be a real pain, however, I am determined not to give up without a fight.

My first goal is to reach as many of you as I can to share the straggle, happiness, and victory in my store site development.

My hope is to consider this blog as an interactive journal for all of us. Of Course, I had to admit first that I am not perfect, have my own fears of being scrutinized, off key, etc. I am not a perfect writer or speller but that is what was keeping me from reaching out for help, advice, SOME criticism ( I do have a heart). On that note, I can begin.

New Year’s resolution came early, I had not realized that orchestrating the release of web store by the end of the year or beginning of the New Year could happen, as it did. Being too busy for any other 2016 resolution that had to be my success story. Since, I had already accomplished that I could start 2017 with a big bung. Hurray! This is the moment that I give recognition to the chocolates, Holiday food, and 8 spoons of sugar in my coffee for keeping me alive during that period. Lesson: If you want to accomplish your goals just do it and you might laugh about it later ( unfortunately I am not there yet, so STOP).

Likethatbea.com is 2 weeks old, a lot of work and some success. I am still working on web development and getting the word out. IT IS SO HARD!!!. Really no surprise here but like some of us, don’t lie, I would take a 1/10000 th of Cinderella story and get amazing results in a speed of light. So, that brings me to highs and lows. This emotional rollercoaster is what is difficult as it takes a lot to get yourself going if your plans have not met your expectations. Note to self: small goals achieved is a good thing.

I treasure my stores and don’t want to regret my decision but I wonder if it is only me running through those emotions and willing to open up, share.  It would be really sad, though.

My motto: like honesty, pride, cherish friendship, hard work and don’t like as.h.les, and cheaters.

I will try to post at least once a week but will try to respond to your questions, opinions, as soon as, I can.